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“Had my S60 done six weeks ago and I am well impressed! Acceleration has improved, it runs better and I get 5 to 6 more mpg.”

Mr Giles

“My car had the Terraclean treatment yesterday and already I can feel the car performs so much better. The service was 1st class and everyone was very friendly and very helpful. Certainly would recommend.”

Mark Skinner

“I had my range rover TDV6 sport Terracleaned by Martin Matthewson. To say I was impressed with the service given, is a major understatement. Superb 5* service, fantastic communication, and, oh yer, nearly forgot my Range Rover now delivers about 7mpg better consumption on a run; up from 29mpg to now 36 mpg ….yes 36 mpg, incredible, I think you’ll agree?

Would definitely use the Terraclean service again, as would I use Martin Matthewson Volvo Specialist too. Superb work guys.”


“I had my Audi A5 3.0 Tdi quattro with a 100k on it Terracleaned by the Volvo Specialist in Basingstoke, and the service I received was excellent. My car was already very refined and smooth and ran like a dream. I was getting on average between 38-42mpg on any run that I was doing and when driving super efficiently I could easily get up to 47mpg. After the Terraclean, the engine is still as smooth and refined as it was before but my economy is now between 40-44mpg. On a super efficient drive I had my car up to 49mpg so it is a definite improvement in mpg and well worth the money I paid. It’s a no brainer really, and I would recommend having this done every 50K.”


“Mercedes CLK 270 CDI AMG – the car has great power and torque in its original state. There were some performance issues dues to Inlet Manifold Swirl Flap problems, which have now been remedied. I had heard about Terraclean, and being local to the area I was able to contact Martin on Thursday and had the car Terracleaned on Friday 11 July. The reviews detailed the gains and improvements to be seen once Terracleaned.There was an immediate noticeable difference. The car is smoother, runs quieter and on a run to and from Portsmouth I was seeing economies of 53.1 mpg whilst at 75mph (2300 rpm). I will see the return on this investment in no time whatsoever, and highly recommend Terraclean to anyone. I will definitely be having it done again after my next service.”

Tyrone Garrick

“I took my Dodge Nitro for a Terraclean, and what can I say? Better acceleration, mpg increased and more power. Would highly recommend Terraclean.”

Angus Black

“I had my Picasso 2.0 HDi diesel Terracleaned as it tended to fail its MoT on emissions. Also I noticed the fuel consumption was gradually deteriorating, which I thought was due to age. However after the treatment it passed the MoT, and better yet I am now getting an extra 5 mpg, It’s also stopped smoking on hard acceleration – I used to leave a choking black cloud behind! Well worth doing, thanks Martin and guys.”

Sharon Woodman

“I had my 08′ VW Passat with 88k miles on the clock done with Martin a couple of month’s ago and gave it this time to evaluate MPG and running feedback.I do a 60 mile round trip to work and back, mostly motorway and was getting up to 54 MPG in my 2.0 TDI. After the Terraclean I am glad to report a significant increase of up to 59MPG and want to break into 60 if I adapt my driving style!The car is also more responsive and quieter when idling so have no hesitation to recommend this to others.As I will be keeping my car for 4 years, I feel this is a great investment and will no doubt do it again once I clock up more miles.Thanks again!”

Kevin Webb

“I recently had my brother’s Vauxhall Astra 1.6 16v with 88,000 miles on the clock Terracleaned by Martin.Even after finishing the process and with Martin reconnecting the fuel line back to the car to start it up I noticed the engine idled quieter.From the moment leaving I noticed the throttle response was much more responsive and the engine is far more free revving.My brothers words were “The throttle is now instant response where as before it was muted”MPG wise he is still gauging as he hasn’t done a brim to brim calculation yet but that aside it has made driving the car that much better now.To top it off both Lee and Martin are very helpful and knowledgable people. Many thanks!”

Michael Lam

“My 120K mileage, M-B CLK 270CDI was Terraclean ‘fettled’ by Martin M., and the results have been very noticeable. Faster pick up at any point in the rev range. The torque ‘punch’ more immediate and much improved at the optimum point on the torque curve of 2300 rpm. The whole engine seems to be ‘breathing’ easier, and I’m also noticing that I now ‘lift off’ earlier on the ‘loud’ pedal as well as the engine ‘spins’ along much more freely, easier on the ear as well! All these improvements have had a significant overall effect upon the resulting mpg., which I find has improved by between 8-10 mpg throughout, and more so on a long run, when the engine is up to optimum temperature. As the saying goes…GO FOR IT!”

Gwyn Edwards