DPF and EGR Cleaning

Without the costly removal of parts...

Over time, your vehicle’s EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) or DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) system can become blocked, and clogged up with carbon deposits, which may cause your vehicle to experience the following symptoms:

  •   Reduction in power
  •   Misfire
  •   Smoky exhaust
  • ​  Reduced MPG, in diesel vehicles

Cleaning an EGR or DPF system has traditionally involved the removal of the component, so it can be cleaned by hand, or replaced.  Both these methods are labour intensive and expensive.  But not any more…

EGR Cleaning service from just £150 + VAT

The new Terraclean EGR System Cleaning Tool enables us to clean and restore the EGR system, without dismantling the engine.  The tool works by applying a powerful Terraclean EGR and Induction System Cleaner into the circuit, to dissolve and remove stubborn carbon deposits from the clogged system.

The benefits for you and your vehicle:

  • Removes carbon deposits from the EGR system
  • Restores performance
  • Releases sticky EGR valves
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Restores air flow to the inlet manifolds
  • Reduces vehicle emissions
  • Reduces costly labour charges to remove the EGR.

DPF Cleaning from just £190 + VAT

Modern diesel vehicles are now fitted with a DPF as standard. The DPF works by trapping harmful diesel particulate matter or soot, which it then burns off during its regneration cycle.  For this cycle to happen effectively, the vehicle must be run for a prolonged period of time at a constant speed, such as motorway driving.  When your vehicle is driven mostly on short/city journeys, diesel cars do not reach the required exhaust temperature to allow the regeneration process to take place.  If this continually happens and the regeneration is no longer sufficient to clear the blocked filter, motorists can face some very expensive repair costs.

When your DPF warning light is illuminated, it has detected a problem.  The sooner you act the better, to prevent further clogging. Terraclean’s patented EGR & DPF Induction System Cleaner, enables us to clean the DPF without the need to dismantle the engine or exhaust, saving you money on costly labour charges, or possible DPF replacement.


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