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Engine Decarbonising Service

Is your car running at peak performance? Are you getting exhaust smoke?

Whether you drive a diesel or petrol car, the vehicle can be adversely effected by the build up of carbon deposits. This is particularly prevalent if you use your car for shorter trips, rather than regular motorway driving.

We are the Basingstoke agent for Terraclean Services.
Terraclean is also OEM approved by a leading vehicle manufacturer for use on their vehicles.

A Terraclean can reduce your vehicle’s emission levels!

Perfect emissions rely on your vehicle’s engine being in good working order, with a fully functioning catalytic converter and most importantly a perfect fuel/air mixture being burnt as completely as possible. By having your vehicle Terracleaned you can ensure that the fuel entering the engine is being burnt effectively, and that the lambda sensors and catalytic converter are as clean as possible, and free from excess carbon deposits.

How does a Terraclean work?

Terraclean works by restoring efficiency to your vehicle’s engine by removing harmful carbon deposits that build up and choke the engine, causing an adverse effect on your vehicle’s performance, fuel consumption and emissions.

During your service, we will link your vehicle to one of our TerraClean machines (either Petrol or Diesel).

Our specialist machines will act as the fuel supply for the vehicle and use a highly refined, non harmful fuel, coupled with the patented technology of the equipment, to remove the build up of carbon from your vehicle.

Terraclean not only cleans fuel injectors & carburettors, but it is the only engine decarbonsing service that continues to clean post combustion – cleaning the combustion chamber, exhaust valves, turbo charger (where fitted), catalytic convertor/diesel particulate filter (where fitted) and lambda sensors.

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The good news for you, is that Terraclean only takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, and doesn’t need costly dismantling of the vehicle engine.

By removing carbon deposits, you will notice significant improvements in your car:

  • Restores performance
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Reduces vehicle emissions
  • Saves costly repairs by prolonging the life of key components
  • Smoother idle, by increasing lambda efficiency.
  • Immediate drive away difference.

Not sure if it’s for you?

Here’s what some of our customers have said:

“I took my Audi A4 estate with approximately 171k miles to be ‘Terracleaned’ a couple of weeks ago and the results have been very good! The car is much more responsive and smoother. Driving back from North Devon to Newbury last week in the rain at approximately 55mph, the average mpg was showing at 56!! On the way down, at normal motorway cruising speed, it was above 50mpg – an increase of at least 3mpg. I will be back! Many thanks.”

“I had my Range Rover TDV6 Sport ‘Terracleaned’ by Martin Matthewson recently. To say I was impressed with the service given, is a major understatement. Superb 5* service, fantastic communication and, oh yea, nearly forgot, my Range Rover now delivers about 7mpg better consumption on a run up, from 29mpg to now 36 mpg ….yes, 36 mpg incredible, I think you’ll agree. Would definitely use the Terraclean service again, as would I use Martin Matthewson too. Superb work, guys.”

“Excellent customer service from start to finish. Had my 2012 Jaguar XF S 3.0d ‘Terracleaned’ last week. I must admit I was very sceptical about the process, on a low mileage and well maintained car (full Jag service history). After the Terraclean, I went on a long journey of about 150 miles, where I noticed my mpg had risen from a normal 42 mpg to around 45 mpg; also, the car felt tighter and more responsive to drive. I am a convert! To that end, I am getting all my family’s cars done. I am certain I will make more than my money back on saved fuel costs alone. Thank you!!!”


What is the cost?

Pricing for petrol and diesel engines are based on engine size:

Up to 1.75 litres £108.00 including VAT
1.751 – 2.99 litres £126.00 including VAT
3 - 4 litres £142.00 including VAT

Terraclean DPF & EGR Cleaning also available


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