Full MOT inspections and re-tests

Need an MOT in Basingstoke, Hants?

Our garage in Basingstoke, Hants is fully equipped to carry out full MOT inspections for cars and small vans, as well as re-tests, if required.

Once you become a customer, we will send you a reminder every year, to ensure you don’t forget to have your MOT test completed.

Do you have questions about MOTs? Then please check out our frequently asked questions below…

How much is an MOT?

The cost of a full MOT is £45. Should your vehicle need a re-test, we offer this for free, if the re-test is carried out within 10 days.

A discounted MOT fee of just £35 is applied, if you also have your vehicle fully serviced with us throughout the year.

How long does the test take to carry out?

Approximately one hour.

How early can the test be carried out without losing my anniversary date?

One calendar month.

Can I wait while you do the MOT?

Yes, we have a comfortable waiting area, with free WiFi and TV for all customers to use.

Do I need to bring my current MOT certificate with me?

No. MOTs are all stored electronically now, so we have access to this information online.

I am not sure when my car MOT is due. How can I find out?

You can check online at this website: Vehicle MOT Status

What happens if my car fails the MOT?

If there are minor repairs, we will endeavour to get these completed, and a re-test done on the same day.

If more major repairs are required, we will contact you to discuss them in more detail, together with costs.

Do you have any further questions?

We are always happy to help, so please give us a buzz on

phone 01256 364 753

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